Best Headphone buying guide 2020

Headphones in today’s life is not an accessory but a necessity. Choosing the best headphone is another dilemma people face because they purchase any headphone and later they regret their choice. We don’t want you to face this problem so before buying any headphone read this article and eventually, you will be more satisfied. So, here is our best headphone buying guide.

So, before buying headphone follow these steps -:

1.Know for which purpose are you buying the headphone

Anyone who is going to buy or thinking about it must know why he/she is buying whether to play games, listen music, for professional use, casually or any other use.

Because this will help you to choose the best headphone for you. Now, you know for which purpose you are buying headphone.

Now comes the 2nd and the most crucial step.

2.Size of headphone

Most of the people neglect this step and later they regret.

Smaller:When portability is priority

Almost all headphones in this era are portable whether headphone, earphone, wireless, or wired. But the main factor is easiness. It is always easy to carry a small earphones rather than a headphone but it matters only in certain cases because this doesn’t mean that headphones can’t be carried, even headphones are used by almost all travellers. So it’s completely on you.

Larger:When sound is supreme

Headphones are always the first choice because of their sound, bass, style and many more. A good headphone can help you enjoy every moment without disturbing people even if the seat beside you. You have often seen the people wearing a headphone look cool and fashionable.

Types of headphone in the market

Choosing the type of headphone is a personal decision. Many people love in-ear which fits in the ear canal or earbuds whereas others like on-ear which covers the whole ear whereas others find it annoying. So it’s on you to choose the type of headphone which is perfect for you. If you don’t know the types of headphone existing in market then read our article below.


over-ear headphone,,headphone buying guide

Over-ear headphones are the headphones which are larger in size andpress head as well and covers your whole ear and you would not be able to listen to outside the world. These are of two types – 1.Open-back headphones (headphones with open ar cups which allows air to pass) 2.Closed-back headphones (headphones with closed ear cups which separates outside sound and inside sound)


on-earheadphone,,headphone buying guide

On-Ear headphones are the headphone which are comparatively smaller than Over-ear headphones and cover ear rather than head. Unlike Over-ear it only press the ear. They often let in outside sound because of their size. Like over-ear they also comes in two different types, open-back and closed-back.


in-ear headphone,,headphone buying guide

In-ear headphones are the headphones/earbuds you are familiar with. They are the most common in today’s world. They are used by many people because of it portability and easy to use. This headphones fits in the ear canals or ear buds. They often seal your ears so that you don’t hear outside noise.

Wireless Headphones

wireless headphone,,headphone buying guide

Wireless headphones are common and typically use bluetooth which have a range upto 25-30 foot to connect to mobile, PC, Laptop, Macbook and many more. These headphones are very portable but have low battery life.


Noise-cancelling headphones have become very famous these days. In a nutshell, these headphones muffle surrounding noise and are called ”passive noise cancellation”. Then comes ”active noise cancellation” which have a tiny microphones to read outside frequency and produces same frequency to cancel them.

These are the steps to follow before buying headphone.For further information visit this.

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